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My name is Andrew Lamont,  and I am the International Amazon Bestselling Author of Miscellany (Aug 2018), Are You Well? (Jan 2019) and A Sacrificial Love (March 2019).


Miscellany comprises several short stories ranging in genre from ghost and paranormal, to fantasy, to crime and thriller. This collection takes you North America, to Scotland, to places out of this world. Originally titled ‘Void’, these stories explore loss in its various forms and the darkness of the human heart, as well as investigating revenge and how it affects people’s lives. A rural castle in Scotland haunted by a homicidal, rage-crazed demon, a small town in North America that has its tranquillity shattered by a blood-soaked woman running out of a forest, a seemingly idyllic town in England tainted by murder. Miscellany is not a collection to miss.


Is murder ever justified? When someone needs protection, how far will you go to provide it? Samuel Livingstone has been employed by the Stevenson family for years, and only now has Mister Patrick Stevenson started to abuse his wife and children. As it gets steadily worse, and the family grow more and more frightened of Mister Stevenson, Samuel does what he can to help make the family’s days more enjoyable. Being a firm believer in God, and striving to be obedient to the Bible, Samuel tries to love his neighbour. However, his efforts are in vain, and hatred takes hold. When the abuse takes a fatal turn, and no remorse is shown, he executes his own justice in order to protect Annabelle Stevenson and her children.


God’s love is indescribable, and utterly incomprehensible. He gave His only Son to die on a cross, so that we could have the chance of spending eternity with Him. This love is one of sacrifice, and one we do not deserve. John 3:16, a verse of twenty-six words, summarises the hope Christians have, and the hope the world can have.