Moon Struck Review

Moon Struck by Ben Alderson and Danielle Rose

Thank you to Ben and Danielle for sending me an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Anyone who follows me/knows me is aware that I adored Crimson Bite. Moon Struck, however, topped Crimson Bite in every way a sequel should. The development of the characters, the pace of the plots, the twists – one in particular – and the shifts all added up to Moon Struck being the standard of sequel every author should strive to create.

My hatred of George’s mother deepened with every scene in which she appeared. Ugh, I’ve never hated a character so much in my life. She is vicious, selfish, menacingly calm and emotionally manipulating.

Again, the worldbuilding was fantastic, and everything started to tie in with everything else. I haven’t enjoyed a world this much since I read Harry Potter. If it wasn’t for the fact that I would die instantly, I would love to live in Hillcrest.

I really liked how the friendships in this book were explored and pushed to their limits in such an authentic way. You know how sometimes you’ll read a book and the friendships are either underdeveloped or unrealistic? That is not this book.

This series is quickly becoming one of my all-time favourites.

If you are debating reading it, stop it. Buy the books, read the books, review the books, and tell everyone you come into contact with to do the same.

My excitement for Hex Bound is growing every single day.

Rating: 99%


Crimson Bite Review

I was lucky enough to receive an arc of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Crimson Bite is an instant top three of 2018 for me, which I was not expecting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read books by both authors, and loved them, so I thought I would enjoy the book. But, I did not realise how much I would adore it. Usually, however, novels about vampires or witches don’t really interest me because a lot of them seem to be overly similar.

THIS BOOK, THOUGH! There were so many things I loved! I want to, first of all, make sure I get one thing out the way. I hated the mother in this book. Like, properly despised her. I don’t think I have ever reacted so strongly, so negatively to a character before in my life. She is just an awful, for lack of a better word, person. Vile. Vicious. Hate her. Whiny and annoying.

What I enjoyed the most out of this book was the friendship between Savi and George, how it works when you are incredibly close with someone, but scared they’ll judge you. How keeping secrets work. Everything about the friendship was so authentic. Although they are furious at each other for portions of this book, they still love each other and want to help, and put themselves in danger.

Sometimes I read books where the world building is lacking in every way. Crimson Bite was different, and you can tell Ben and Danielle put a lot of effort into making sure everything made sense. Despite this, the world-building is seamlessly weaved into the story. I was really interested in the history and the treaty.

I instantly related to George. I took a little longer to get behind Savi, but when I did, I loved her. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly I disliked about Savi. It doesn’t matter, though: my dislike for her only lasted the first few chapters.

I really can’t recommend this book highly enough. Buy it. Read it. Recommend it to others. Buy the book again. Read it again.

Rating: 95%