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Tomorrow (26/09/2018) my first book event will be taking place at the Central Library in Aberdeen, Scotland. I cannot wait. Like, literally, I feel like I am a kid on Christmas Eve: I have been checking the clock just about every five minutes. Despite the unbelievable excitement, I am also really nervous.

If you are able to make it please consider coming along. The event will be filmed (well, I will be filmed with the chairwoman) so, if I can, I will be uploading the video. I say, ‘If I can’ because I am a fool when it comes to computers. I know the very basic things. Anyway, the event booking details are in the picture above! If you can, please come along!

I realise this is becoming a sound-bite as I say it all the time, but thank you all so much for the continuing support and kindness you are giving me. I couldn’t have done any of this without you all. It means more than I can describe to know that Miscellany is in the hands of readers across the world. Knowing people are spending their hard-earned money on my book is mind-boggling and humbling. Thank you all so much.