I’m Inspired By … Tomi Adeyemi

Tomi Adeyemi is the #1 New York Times & International Bestselling Author of Children of Blood and Bone – which is simply one of the best books of this century. Tomi signed the biggest book deal EVER for a Young Adult book, and had a movie deal with 20 Century Fox before her explosive debut had even released.

Tomi inspires me for countless reasons, but I will keep this short. The two reasons I will be talking about are: her determination and persistence in landing a book deal, and her wonderful personality.

It is well-known that Tomi Adeyemi could not sell her first book. No agent would pick it up … (a decision I do not understand). Instead of being beaten, she worked and worked and worked on becoming a writing coach, on top of her full-time job, and started to write Children of Blood and Bone. It’s no secret, therefore, that Tomi is one of the most hard working people going. She’s certainly one of the most hard working people I’ve ever come across. Success doesn’t come by itself: you have to work for it, and Tomi did so. She deserves all this success and more.

Tomi’s personality is incredible. At YALC, over 300 people queued to meet her, get photos taken, and get their books signed. While a handful of authors actively complained about their queue lengths, Tomi – and Alwyn Hamilton just for the record – stayed over the allotted signing time to ensure everyone got their books signed. This inspired me so much: an author with as much success as Tomi takes time to meet every single fan waiting.

I told Tomi how much her writing has helped me, and the way she responded was nothing short of amazing. Tomi is a beacon. She is humble, and kind. I’m so honoured I was able to meet her.

There are many more reasons why she inspires me, and I’d like to share her acknowledgment from my book:

I don’t know where I’d be if it hadn’t been for Tomi Adeyemi. Tomi – thank you for being a light in the darkness, for inspiring me to get Miscellany finished, and for motivating me to fight my demons. Thank you for giving me the strength to fight them, thank you for the hugs. Thank you for the support, and thank you for who you are.

I wouldn’t be who I am if it hadn’t been for Tomi. Thank you, Tomi.

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