Thank You


Miscellany at #3

As many of you know, my book, Miscellany, came out on Kindle across the world last Saturday.

I cannot describe the feelings I have experienced this last week. I am forever changed, and forever grateful for this journey I am on.

I have received dozens of wonderful, kind, loving, heart-warming messages since Miscellany was released. I am humbled by the fact that people have taken the time out of their days to message me to tell me how excited they are for my book, how happy they are for me, and how I have somehow helped them. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for every message, for every kind word I have received.

The day following Miscellany’s release, it hit the Top 50 in its category. Before I went to church, it was at #49. When I left church, my book had risen to #3. I have never been so thankful.

No author can hit a bestseller list without people spending their hard-earned money on their book. No author gets to a bestseller list on their own. Other people put them there.

To everyone who has helped me realise my dreams, who have put me on a bestseller list at the age of 19: THANK YOU!

Thank you seems so inadequate. You are the people who kept me in the Top 100 for five days out of the eight since my book came out. I can never thank you enough. I will never be able to convey my gratitude because there are no words to sufficiently describe just how thankful I am.

You’ve made my dreams come true. Thank you.